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We would like to take this opportunity to briefly explain to you the CASI (Cyber and Allied Solutions, Inc.) benefits package.

Financial Benefits

401 K Plan - This defined contribution retirement plan allows you to save part of your salary in pretax dollars. There are a variety of investment options available, and a financial counselor can help you make your decisions. The wait period to be eligible for this benefit is the first of the month following 1 month of service. For more information on this please contact Human Resources Department.

Credit Union Affiliation - CASI has aligned with a national credit union (Technology Credit Union), which offers free online banking, free checking, low-interest loans, credit lines, and credit cards, and many other amenities. For more information please contact Human Resources Department.

Insurance Benefits

Medical - The CASI Plan has comprehensive coverage that includes Hospital, Surgical and Medical coverage all in one program. Prescriptions are also covered provided that they are medically necessary. The Blue Shield plan is a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) Plan, it has one of the largest provider networks. They have contracted with doctors and hospitals (including associated facilities) that are dedicated to providing the highest quality health care while, at the same time saving you, the employee money. When you use a Blue Shield provider, generally the only out-of-pocket expense incurred for office visits is the $15 co-payment. All other services are reimbursed at 100% as long as your provider of service is in the network.

Vacation Benefits

Paid Time Off - All full time employees who completed 1 year are eligible for 2 weeks of vacation time.

Relocation Policy

CASI assists its employees with domestic and international relocation. For more details contact the Human Resource Department.